We will meet with the you to discuss your needs and preferences and to understand your expectations, your budget and time scales. We will show you previous designs to spark your own ideas into action and will collate all the information we receive.


Analysis / Design

Our team has always focused on one thing:
Customer satisfaction. We deliver that satisfaction through, amongst many things, our attention to detail. We will take your requirements and ideas from the consultation and form them into a firmer design idea / recommendation for your perusal.

Throughout the construction process, we will work to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards and meets all necessary building regulations where and if applicable.

It's important to communicate with us and provide clear instructions and expectations throughout the build to ensure that the finished garden room meets your needs and preferences.



Having agreed a design with you and having had you select a number of items from the vast array of cladding materials and accessories you can choose from, our project manager will plan out the steps in simple terms for your approval.
Costings will also be revealed at this stage.



Time to start the process of building your garden room for you. Our project manager will be ordering materials, scheduling various works and building out a firmer timeline based on material availabilty and construction staff availability. When you start seeing materials delivered to your house, it's time to get excited.


Site Preparation

The site will need to be prepared for the garden room, including grading and leveling the ground, and installing utilities such as electricity and plumbing to the site where required. The services needed in the garden room need to be run up to the site from your house.


Foundation & Framing

A concrete base is often used but not always. 
A foundation will be poured and the framing for the garden room will be constructed, including the walls, roof, and any other structural elements. Things will really start to take shape at this point.


Nearly There

The "Nearly There" stage - Up to now you will only have seen a skeleton buiding in place. The next step is to apply the cladding with the high quaility wood or vinyl finish you will have already chosen. The garden room will be finished with materials such as paint, flooring, and trim now too, internal electrics and any plumbing required will be addressed also.


Finishing Touches

The garden room will be furnished, you may in fact do some of this yourself, and any landscaping or outdoor features will be added as per your original requirements. At this point we will carry out a quality check, ideally walking around the build with you, the customer in order to identify any snags that may need addressing.

Relax and enjoy your new garden room.

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